Pascale B

Dreamcatcher and Desert Soul are world-pop-lounge albums with bossa nova sounds with a few balades in English and French. These are all original songs by Pascale B with the collaboration of talented songwriters such as Luc Plamondon who wrote Ma Maison de Verre, and with the participation of John Anthony Helliwell ( Supertramp) on the saxophone. Dreamcatcher was recorded in London and produced by Don V Louie.


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Pascale B

In pursuit of her dreams

After a famed international fashion model career as one of the first top-models of Quebec, Pascale Bourbeau began a career as a singer under the name of Pascale B. Her first album Dreamcatcher then Desert Soul were recorded with her friend producer Don V Louie in London. They are composed of original songs in French, English and Spanish; with lounge rhythms, bossa nova, dance, reggae and ballads. Pascale proposes a journey in her universe: an odyssey of songs all in finesse, simplicity and authenticity .

In 'Desert Soul' she takes Frankie Valli's 'Can’t Take My Eyes Off You' with a light and melodious version. Among her collaborators, we find the great lyricist Luc Plamondon who wrote for her ‘Ma maison de verre’ and the musician-composer Andy Blackwell with whom she composes the songs, 'Saturday', 'Barcelona', 'Little Pride', 'Never Say Goodbye' and 'Shine '. John Anthony Helliwell , saxophonist of the legendary band Supertramp generously contributes to her two albums.

In 2016 Pascale is invited by the Tourist Office of Tunisia to make 2 music videos in their country. The French director Eric Lamy directed 'My Irresistible' filmed in Sidi Bousaid and 'Never Say Goodbye' in Onk Jamal in the Sahara Desert on the famous Star Wars movie site. Eric Lamy also directed the music videos 'Trafic' and 'Siempre Barcelona'.

Thanks to music, Pascale reveals new facets of her personality as a singer-songwriter and interpret. She likes to play flute, piano and guitar. A multidisciplinary artist, Pascale is a photographer, videographer, director and editor of her music videos.

In recent years, Pascale has performed alone, accompanied by her guitar or with musicians on the legendary scene of the London Troubadour (Jimi Hendrik, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell), in Paris, St-Tropez, Tunis, at the Corona Theatre in Montreal, at the Salle Joseph Rouleau, Maison André-Bourbeau of the Jeunesses Musicales of Canada, at the Montreal Ritz Carlton Oval Hall with the great trumpet player Paul Merkelo. She will soon participate in the closing concert of the Classica Festival.

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Dreamcatcher and Desert Soul albums are available on Itunes.