Pascale B

Dreamcatcher is a world-pop-lounge album with bossa nova sounds with a few balades in English and French. These are all original songs by Pascale B with the collaboration of talented songwriters such as Luc Plamondon who wrote Ma Maison de Verre, and with the participation of John Anthony Helliwell ( Supertramp) on the saxophone. Dreamcatcher was recorded in London and produced by Don V Louie.

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Pascale B

After a famed career as one of Quebec’s first international top models, Pascale Bourbeau embarks on her singing career under the name Pascale B. She returns to her native Quebec with her first album, Dreamcatcher, which was recorded in London. Through her music, we discover new facets of Pascale’s personality and her many talents, not only as a composer, singer and songwriter but also as a photographer and videographer. With finesse, simplicity and authenticity, Dreamcatcher takes the listener on an odyssey into Pascale’s universe.

As a model, Pascale was seen on the catwalks in Paris, New York and Milan, for designers such as Gucci, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, John Galliano and Yves St-Laurent during the 1998 FIFA World Cup in front of 80.000 spectators. She has featured in a number of fashion magazines including Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, Vogue, Chatelaine and Clin d’Oeil. In 1996, Pascale was chosen as Quebec’s top international top-model and in 2000, Clin d’Oeil named her among it’s top 10 list of models having marked the magazine's 20-year history. Through her many travels and international commitments, Pascale has become a citizen of the world, a modern day “troubadour”. Nevertheless, nowhere does she feel more at home than with her family in Quebec’s Eastern townships.

After retiring from her modelling career, Pascale continued to explore her senses through imagery. She collaborated with the Cirque du Soleil on a few special events as a videographer, worked as a photographer and videographer for the British magazine Above Live and presented a few Kino’s in Montreal. In order to fully explore her artistic talents, Pascale moved to London and studied media production at the American university. There, she renewed with her passion for music and started taking flute classes, which reignited the same spark she felt as a child learning the piano. This encouraged her to fashion her own musical universe.

In 2009, Pascale returned to Montreal where in addition to perfecting her guitar, she started composing her own music and worked her voice with vocal coach, Catherine Picard. Dreamcatcher is the culmination of several collaborations through these years in Pascale’s musical journey. In London, she met the musician Andy Blackwell with whom she co-wrote Saturday and Barcelona, then producer Don V Louie with whom she recorded the album. The creative process behind the album stretched over a period of two years to include 12 original songs in French and English, with rhythms from lounge, bossa nova and ballads. One of her most cherished collaborations on this album is with world-renowned French songwriter Luc Plamondon who dedicated Ma Maison de Verre to her, and John Anthony Helliwell, the legendary saxophone player (Supertramp) with whom she recorded several songs on the album.

In the last few years, Pascale has performed solo or accompanied at the famous Troubadour in London (Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell), in Paris, St-Tropez and at the Corona Theater in Montreal.

Her inspirations include The Beatles, Coldplay, Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Sting, Harmonium, Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lena Del Rey, Rihanna, Madonna, Rihanna, Sara McLachlan,... She likes pop, disco, rock, the blues, techno and dancing! Pascale regularly practices yoga and meditation and maintains a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She likes to say : “Thanks to Mr. Steve Jobs to make it possible for artists to express themselves on a kitchen table!“

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